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TSA Search Alert Luggage Locks - 
The luggage lock TSA security won’t cut off

tsa search alert lockSearch Alert Locks

The luggage lock TSA security won’t cut off

If you are considering the purchase of a TSA Luggage Lock, you need to know that not all TSA luggage locks are created equal.  If you want the best in luggage security, you need to consider the purchase of Search Alert Locks.  These TSA locks provide a higher level of security notification that other TSA locks. 

The main difference between a TSA Search Alert Lock and a regular TSA luggage lock is that the SearchAlert lock will let you know if luggage has been searched by a TSA agent, or violated by an unknown person, just by looking at your luggage lock.

In addition to immediately showing you if the TSA have opened your bag or not, these Search Alert locks might help you prove a claim for damaged/stolen items if such a misfortune occurs.

What makes these TSA Search Alert Locks Stand Out to TSA Inspectors

Each TSA Search Alert Lock features a clearly visible red diamond icon on the outside of the lock.  This tells the TSA inspector that the lock is TSA approved and that they can open the lock with a special key if needed.   If the lock is opened by TSA, the indicator on the outside of the lock changes from green to red so you know immediately by looking at the lock if it was opened.

What’s important about this SearchAlert security feature is that when you retrieve your luggage from baggage claim, when you are still in the airport, you know if your luggage was opened.  If a TSA agent opened your bag the security window on this lock changes from green to red indicating the lock has been opened and re-locked. It gives you a chance to quickly confirm that nothing is missing from your luggage or has been added to it. Don't you want to know if someone opened your checked luggage?

This TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock features a several unique innovations in luggage security:

  • SearchAlert locks may be opened with an override device controlled by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents. No SearchAlert lock should be cut off by TSA agents.
  • SearchAlert locks feature a Security Window which changes color from Green to Red when any override device is used. This is the true difference that makes our TSA luggage lock stand ahead of the rest.
  • SearchAlert Luggage lock features a re-settable combination that you can set as many times as you like.  

TSA SearchAlert Lock Window shows “RED” 

This one of a kind TSA SearchAlert lock alerts you while you are still in the airport that your luggage has been opened while out of your hands. Once the lock has been opened by anyone, the TSA luggage security window turns red indicating the lock has been opened and re-locked. It gives you a chance to quickly confirm that nothing is missing from your luggage or added to it.

search alert luggage lock

When opened, this TSA SearchAlert Luggage Lock window shows “RED” 

Green = Lock not opened!
Red     = Lock has been opened!

This TSA lock features a resettable three-dial combination lock which only you can set.  The TSA can't do it only you, and with a combination lock there are no keys to lose.

Accepted, certified, and recognized by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), this TSA Luggage lock meets TSA’s standards to allow you to lock your luggage, yet helps them to maintain security at our nation's air and sea ports by allowing TSA personnel to inspect and re-lock bags quickly and easily.

Using the SearchAlert luggage lock, protects your personal property and at the same time lets you feel confident that you will not be an unwilling participant in illegal activity as a carrier of illicit goods.  SearchAlert re-settable combination locks not only secure luggage, they act as sophisticated security seals as well.

The new TSA Luggage Lock SearchAlert solves the problem 

If the TSA SearchAlert luggage lock shows red, letting you know it was opened, and no official notification of baggage inspection was found inside, one of three things have happened:

  1. Your luggage was inspected by TSA and they forgot to leave you a notification notice.
  2. Your luggage was targeted for pilferage by a dishonest TSA employee who was looking in checked luggage to find something of value.
  3. Your luggage was violated by an unauthorized person who opened the TSA lock using a counterfeit opening device. This would usually be done by a dishonest airline baggage handler in an attempt to find items of value within checked luggage.

If any of the above occurred, you would take the luggage to the airline's luggage claims office to determine if anything is missing or if anything has been added to the luggage, and to make a report that your luggage was accessed by some unauthorized person.

luggage lock

Here’s how TSA Search Alert Luggage Locks Work

Luggage checked at an airport is sent through an electronic screening machine.  If a TSA agent determines the luggage needs to be hand searched, the SearchAlert lock will be opened by the agent. If you locked your luggage with a regular TSA lock, the lock would be opened by a TSA secured access device (master key), inspected, and the lock would be secured again.

You would have no knowledge of the search. Upon inspection of a bag, the TSA Agent is required to place a notice of inspection inside your luggage. However, this is a procedure vulnerable to mistakes.

Most likely you would only know if someone opened your bag upon arrival at your destination, away from the airport, when you began unpacking your bags. Too late to make a claim with the airline or notify police of theft of your property.

How TSA Opens Search Alert Luggage Locks

Here's how the Travel Sentry Search Alert Locks locks work:

  • Travel Sentry™ Certified luggage locks have a special identification mark alerting the TSA that they can open this lock without destroying it.
  • The luggage locks have a special code, which is used by the TSA.
  • Each TSA screening location uses the code to override (open) the lock and then relock it after inspection.

Search Alert Luggage Lock Easy Read Combination Lock Wheels

The combination wheels have big bright white numbers on them, making it easy to see and open the lock, even in poor light.

Functionality and Security

The lock is easy to use, and it is a great extra feature that you can change the combination, any time, and as many times as you like, to any number you wish.

A combination lock is vastly preferable to a keyed lock, because you never have to worry about losing the key. 

Additional Features of the TSA Search Alert Lock

  • Rugged, easy-open shackle operates smoothly and fits most luggage zippers.
  • Travel Sentry is the new travel industry standard developed to enable passengers to once again lock their checked baggage.
  • It fits and is compatible with the majority of lockable zipper pulls.
  • Crime deterrence: If your bag has a look and the next one does not, most thieves move on to the next person's (unlocked) bag.
  • Quality Brand: This is a “Travel Sentry Certified” SearchAlert TM padlock, manufactured by Prestolock.

International Flights and TSA Search Alert Locks:

On the US end of your trip, inspectors will treat Search Alert Locks as a TSA-approved lock. On the European end (where locks are more liberally permitted), they'll treat it like any other combo lock. 

TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock Information

TSA Lock Features

Each TSA Luggage Lock has a special TSA code on the bottom for TSA use.

Each Search Alert TSA Luggage Lock carries a special identification mark which alerts the TSA that the lock can be opened. Each lock also has a special code used by the TSA; every TSA screening location is able to use these codes to open the lock and relock it after inspection.

Airline Baggage Office Friendly

No more cut locks if you name comes off your luggage and your airline needs to get inside your luggage to try and find information to contact you.

How do I know that the SearchAlert TSA Locks system is secure?

The TSA strictly controls the distribution of the special codes and tools used to open SearchAlert Travel Sentry certified locks. Only qualified personnel with the TSA will have access to these tools.

Changing the TSA Lock Search Alert Alert window from Red to Green

The alert indicator can only be changed from “red” to “green” by you, with your specific combination. The TSA, nor any agent with the TSA master key can't do this either.  They can only lock and re-lock the SearchAlert Lock (unless they knew your secret combination).

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Frequently Asked TSA Search Alert Lock Questions

Will I be required to pay any additional costs at the airport to use TSA SearchAlert locks?

When you leave the US the TSA can inspect and relock you bag. When you are traveling on flights outside of the USA the baggage screening usually does not require opening bags and if it does you will probably be asked to be present. When you are abroad use your Travel Sentry lock to keep your baggage locked.

I am traveling internationally. Can I use a TSA Search Alert Luggage Lock?

Yes. As of today, only the US TSA tells passengers that if their bags need to be opened for inspection that they may cut the locks if they are not Travel Sentry Certified. When you travel internationally, use your Travel Sentry lock as you would any luggage lock to protect your belongings and peace of mind.

When you leave the US the TSA can inspect and relock you bag. When you are traveling on flights outside of the USA the baggage screening usually does not require opening bags and if it does you will probably be asked to be present. When you are abroad use your Travel Sentry lock to keep your baggage locked.

When you return to the USA, if you are arriving at a US gateway and connecting to a domestic flight you will first clear US Customs. When you exit Customs your baggage will generally be ‘re-checked’ for you on the connecting flight. This is re the TSA will screen your bag and with a Travel Sentry lock they can open your bag, inspect it and relock it before it goes to the airlines.

My SearchAlert TSA Luggage lock was broken open. What do I do?

If this was done by the TSA the cut lock may be left inside your baggage but they are to include a Notification of Baggage Inspection. If this notice is inside your baggage and the lock has been damaged or destroyed, you should file a claim with the TSA and your airline.  If something was missing from your luggage you should make a report withe the airport police and the airlne as soon as possible. There are time limits for filing claims with the airlines so do not delay

How well is the TSA doing at recognizing and using these TSA Search Alert Luggage Locks?

Very well. The TSA screens 1.5 million bags every day. In the first year of operation and over 3 million Travel Sentry locks in circulation there have only been isolated instances of locks removed in error

How do I know the TSA tools will not fall into the wrong hands?

The Transportation Security Administration strictly controls the distribution of the tools.

The TSA screens 1.5 million bags every day. In the first year of operation and over 3 million Travel Sentry locks in circulation there have only been isolated instances of locks removed in error.

I am having problems with the combination on my Search Alert Luggage Lock. What do I do?

When you set the combination of a combination lock make sure you remember it or at least record it someplace safe. If you have trouble setting your combination or other difficulties contact the manufacturer.

One thing you should always remember about your SearchAlert luggage locks.

Luggage locks are meant to keep honest people honest. If a dishonest employee wants to get into your suitcase, they most likely could. These locks should be considered primarily as a way of stopping your suitcases from accidentally being opened, not as a 100% way of thief-proofing them. However, if a thief has a choice between a locked and unlocked bag they will most likely choose to pilfer the unlocked one.

TSA Luggage Lock Search Alert Security Window Operating Instructions

This SearchAlert TSA Luggage Lock is preset on Green at the factory. If a secured access device was used to open your SearchAlert combination lock, the color of the Security Window would change from Green to Red. To reset your SearchAlert Security window back to Green, follow these simple steps:

This SearchAlert TSA luggage Lock is preset at the factory to open at 0-0-0. To reset your SearchAlert combination lock to open on your own combination follow these simple steps:
  • Set the dials to 0-0-0 and pull out the shackle.
  • Turn shackle halfway around (180 degrees) and push in.
  • Hold shackle depressed and turn 90 degrees (1/4 turn) in either direction.
  • Set the dials to your own combination.
  • Memorize the combination.
  • Without moving the dials, return the shackle to the 180 degree position. Pull out shackle and turn it 180 degrees.
  • Push shackle in, it should not lock. Push shackle in and turn one or more dials, the shackle should lock.
  • To test, turn dials to the new combination, pull shackle open. Combination can only be changed when the lock is in the open position. Follow steps 2 through 6.

TSA Locks are also available in a Heavy Duty Model for those shipping or traveling with items needing extra security is an authorized reseller of TSA Search Alert Locks.  To order SearchAlert TSA Luggage Locks, Click Here.

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